You Wealth Revolution Season 15 Launch!- FREE in 2018

Wouldn’t it feel great to have…..

If you felt a resounding ‘YES’ to those questions, then you’ll want to check out this unique ‘hands-on’ energy experience.

For nearly a decade more than 2 million people have been attending the You Wealth Revolution.

Its goal?  To experience you working with your energy field…

And best of all its FREE.

Click Here and get to experience ‘Hands-On’ LIVE energy soul healing + get a FREE ‘Energy Encoded’ Audio Gift


“Absolutely I cannot count the ways I have changed…

and became so much calmer and happier”


Each day during this ‘hands on’ event you’ll be guided through ‘quantum field’ transmissions and even 1-on-1 group help as you:

– Instantly empower your own energy field to rapidly attract the things you truly desire.

– Free yourself from negative energy and influences and spark a whole new reality for yourself

– Fully experience happiness and love no matter what’s happening around you and rejuvenate your life force

– Erase energy blocks and illusions and dramatically skyrocket your natural abundance and joy…

Today you’ll even get a limited-time instant gift to help you…

This FREE 7 Minute Quantum Breakthrough – Pure Joy™ 1074 Hz Audio Mp3 uses an ancient ‘vibration encoding’ that instantly shifts your energy away from stress, worry and old anchors, so you can connect to a greater Quantum Field

….in just the first 57 seconds!

It’s the same energetic field that quantum science calls the ‘realm of miracles!’…

>> Curious? Hurry as live spaces may be limited

Love and Blessings,

from  Paul at

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of YouWealth  Revolution_

P.S. Tens of thousands of people will have transformational experiences…

Here are a few comments from past participants:


“I am the happiest I have ever been”


“Miracles!  I am surrounded by miracles”


“FAST transformation beyond recognition”


“Absolutely I cannot count the ways I have changed…

and became so much calmer and happier”


“Gradually everything changed by listening…from finances, relationships and health…”


“I have found a JOY and a peace I never thought was possible…”


P.S.S.  Short on Time?

You’ll get access to each ‘quantum field’ transmission replay



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