Join ChangeThatMind as an affiliate for The Holistic Oral Health Summit! via HealthTalks Online

Join me in promoting The Holistic Oral Health Summit, taking place March 12-19! Currently converting clicks to leads at greater than 65% and the average sale is just under $107!

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These are really concerning… that fact that one uneducated visit to the dentist can have devastating effects on health, and millions are exposed to disease-promoting dental procedures every day…

…help me do something about it when you promote as an affiliate!

Plus, this event is taking place on the Health Talks Online platform, which regularly returns ~$2-3 EPLs for affiliates who promote prior to the sales push (starts at the end of February for this event), and pays out more than $1MM in commissions each year.

AND, any leads you deliver to a Health Talks Online event means you’re also set as the commission lead for their new monthly subscription community, HealthMeans, and any of their events for the lifetime of the account, including such 2018 topics as detox, thyroid disorders, infections, diabetes and more!

You can follow the link here to learn more (and register!):

Paul  at  ChangeThatMind .com

P.S. Health Talks Online runs 15-20 summits per year, plus their new subscription community is growing quickly. Get started earning commissions with them when you promote The Holistic Oral Health Summit today!

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