Evolution of Diet- a FREE 4 part video series from Changing Habits

FNA Evolution of Diet Video Series

There are so many different diets and nutritional advice out there today, that it’s not surprising that so many people are confused as to what food to eat that will support and nourish their body the most.
Have you ever considered ‘Where these diets have come from and what’s right for you?’
By understanding our history, we can start to view our relationship with food in a completely different light.
Join Cyndi O’Meara, founder of Functional Nutrition Academy, in a fascinating new FREE 4 part video series called ‘Evolution Of Diet’ and you will:-
– Learn about the evolution of food, functional nutrition and how ‘one diet doesn’t fit all’
– Discover the link of your overall health to the health of your gut
– Identify how you can make an impact and improve your health, your family’s and your community’s

It’s free to join simply sign up here

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