Jean Shinoda Bolen presents ‘Gods in Every Woman ‘: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Perhaps you’ve explored the Goddess energies within you and discovered they hold keys to your wholeness, authentic power, and ability to manifest your gifts in the world…

But what about the God archetypes within you? Have you dared to go there?

In fact, there are male archetypes which can nourish you spiritually, professionally, and creatively — and they complement the goddess energies you may have already tapped into.

We need to develop both our masculine and feminine archetypes to realize true wholeness and evolve our souls…

On Wednesday, January 24, feminine psychology pioneer and bestselling author Jean Shinoda Bolen will show you how you can begin to access the positive qualities of the gods.

Gods in Every Woman (and Man): Discover Your Inner Hermes, Dionysus & Hephaestus to Liberate Your Full Expression.

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Archetypes are innate in all of us. Each one helps express different behaviors and personality traits in you, which may need to surface — or be tempered — so you can evolve.

These archetypes also play out in culture and society…

Zeus is the father of the Olympian gods and the ruling archetype of modern patriarchal culture. Yet, Zeus has the capacity to be wise and nurturing when tempered by powerful feminine archetypes and the male god, Dionysus…

Dionysius embodies both life and death, the human and the Divine. This archetype liberates you from the confines of separation, so you can experience the bliss of Oneness…

Hermes the Messenger opens you to moments of synchronicity and discovery…

Hephaestus the Craftsman or Craftswoman, Inventor & Loner, personifies our deep human urge to create objects that are functional and beautiful…

I hope to “see” you at this compelling virtual event to discover how activating these and other male archetypes can further your soul’s journey and also help shift the patriarchal consciousness that is wreaking so much havoc in our world.

This timely event with Jean Shinoda Bolen is FREE to attend — and you’ll receive a recording if you can’t listen live

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P.S. During Gods in Every Woman (and Man): Discover Your Inner Hermes, Dionysus & Hephaestus to Liberate Your Full Expression, with Jean Shinoda Bolen, you’ll discover:

  • Specific male archetypes which can nourish you spiritually, professionally, and creatively 
  • How the gods within you interact and complement the goddess energies that you also embody 
  • A Trickster god that can open you to your natural curiosity and new ideas
  • A key god to embrace for breaking through ego boundaries, connecting with the wild aspects in you and in nature, and “getting high on life”
  • How the potential shadow qualities of each god archetype can cause problems and conflicts 
  • An insight that reveals the difference between becoming “animus-possessed” and integrating a god archetype
  • Patriarchy’s favoring of male archetypes, which perpetuates inequality and violence — and how you can evolve these archetypes for healing and social change

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