The 2018 Four Phase Weight-Loss Challenge from Changing Habits

4 Phase Challenge commences  3 Feb 2018:  Prep month begins January 2018

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Cyndi O’Meara, nutritionist and founder of Changing Habits  went on her own weight loss journey about 5 years ago, after slowly gaining weight and dealing with a few niggly pains, even though she had grown up with a mainly organic diet.  But  it was the discovery of what foods that had affected her that was the biggest and most crucial lesson she had learnt. This was something she had to share with others, which was the beginning of the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol released back in 2011.

Since then thousands have gone through the program with great success, not only in weight loss, but learning to listen to their body and learn what foods bring you closer to health, and maintain a healthy weight and what foods don’t agree with you and cause inflammatory responses and weight gain.

Are you….. experiencing weight gain that just keeps creeping on?
. finding it hard to lose the excess weight?
. lacking energy and vitality?
. suffering from a ‘foggy brain’?
. suffering from ill health or an autoimmune disease?
. not sure what to eat for your individual body?
. a ‘yo yo’ dieter and just need to do something that works?

You can enjoy…

. Healthy, rapid weight loss
. The security of always knowing what to eat and what not to eat
. Increased energy and wellbeing
. Mental clarity
. Having the guidance of a Protocol Coach via a private Facebook group

Join thousands of other success story and learn to keep the weight off once and for all, but more importantly go on a discovery of health and vitality and what works for you.

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(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of Changing Habits)


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