FREE recipe download for a Better Belly

FREE recipe download for a Better Belly 1 FREE recipe download for a Better BellyTo help you learn more about digestive health, Summer Bock, gut health expert, compiled a 50+ page guide with gut rebuilding recipes and tips from 45 wellness experts.

But do you know which foods will do the most for your belly?

Relying on probiotics and enzymes is not a sustainable solution for keeping your digestion running smoothly. The Better Belly Project Virtual Conference has fresh approaches to gut health that are simple and easy. The coolest part is that you get a chance to hear from 49 experts that have amazing strategies to help your digestion go from awful to awesome. Dec 8-14th

Their recipe book  is  full of recipes that are anti-inflammatory, heal and seal the gut, and make your belly a place where probiotics want to hang out.

That last part is especially important.

In the last 5-10 years, probiotic supplements and foods with probiotics have made big news in scientific studies and in bellies everywhere.

But there’s something we’ve found out recently, which is that you can’t just add in probiotics — you have to make your body the kind of place where probiotics can thrive.

Think of a house that’s fully furnished versus one that’s empty. Which would you rather live in?

It’s like that with probiotics, too. They need certain things to thrive. Otherwise, they’ll just pass through, without giving you all the benefits like better digestion, improved moods, and more energy, just to name a few.

The best way to make a happy home for probiotics is with food, delicious food, like what’s in this new guide, Recipes for a Better Belly.

You’ll learn how to make:

  • Detox Matcha Latte
  • Irresistible Build-Your-Own Nori Rolls (for Kids and Adults!)
  • Creamy Sweet Potato Smoothie
  • Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken
  • SCD-friendly Make-Ahead Breakfast Turkey Sausage
  • Gluten and dairy free tigernut flour pancakes with blueberry, ginger and turmeric sauce!
  • Carrot Spiced Energy Balls
  • Great Gut Salad
  • Apple Ginger Sauerkraut

And many more…

You can get your own copy of Recipes for a Better Belly. For free.

>>>Download it here<<<


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(Note that ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of Better Belly)

These recipes come directly from some of the most renowned gut-health practitioners out there, compiled by Summer Bock, my go-to fermentationist, microbiologist, and gut-health expert.



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