The Better Belly Project 2.0 : FREE registration !

There is a great event coming up: it’s an online health conference where the mission is to bring pertinent and valuable information to those who need it about digestion,  nutrition and consequent better health.

Here are the details:

Summer Bock, an expert in  gut health, is interviewing 49 experts who are leaders in the field of digestion, nutrition, and health––in one huge, week-long Better Belly Project virtual conference that will show you cutting edge approaches to the Gut-Brain Axis, Gut Health Basics, and of course, Fermentation.

More about the mission: Too many people’s digestive systems are wrecked. The intention is to create a great resource with a few different tracks to make it easier for participants to navigate the information.

Gut Health Basics
Gut-Brain Axis
Wellness Professional
Microbiome & Probiotics
The conference will provide exceptional value, knowledge, and truly life-changing insights. Summer interviews dozens of authors, speakers, professors, scientists, fermented foods experts, and wellness practitioners who have an understanding of the need to better digestive health amidst all the processed foods, antibiotics, and lack of probiotic-rich foods in the diet.

This conference is a must attend and it doesn’t cost anything if you sign up in advance.

It’s the Better Belly Project 2.0…

What: The collective knowledge and experience of some of the country’s most respected healers laser focused into a habit-breaking, energy-making virtual conference.

Who: Summer Bock is your host, joined by 49 other brilliant experts.

When: December 8-14th (Put it in your calendar now!)

How much: Nothing. There’s no charge to attend when you register in time for the live event.

Register HERE! 

If you know Summer, you know that she’s one of the leading gut health experts. People come to her when they’re ready to ditch their bad health habits, digestive distress, and limiting beliefs about the possibility of actually healing.

I’d love for you to join them for this great FREE  event, get access or if you’d like to see more details, like the event schedule, you can do so HERE!

Paul  at

( Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of the Better Belly Project)

P.S. This free event is going to be FULL of tips and ideas that you won’t find anywhere else—an event like this has never happened before. And I only recommend resources that I know will help improve the quality of your life.

So if you’re ready to find out what having a better belly means for you, then sign up now! 

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