The 3 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence: from The Emotional Intelligence Institute

How would you like to be in control of your emotions, emotionally resilient and ready for anything you experience?

In this program we show you how to awaken your innate EI by looking – in depth – at the “3 pillars of emotional resilience”.

Watch the short video

There are 13 Chapters – on 2 engaging, practical and relevant DVDs – of live demonstrations featuring world-class emotional management techniques.

Stay calm whatever the situation, ditch negative emotions by developing self-calming techniques, and build joy and more positive emotions as a buffer against stress and feeling overwhelmed.

Like your body, your emotional intellect sometimes needs a workout. Put these ideas to work and get off the emotional roller coaster.

The 2 DVD set is available in PAL (Australia/UK) in NTSC (North America). These DVDs are region-free.

By buying the premium bundle, for only an extra $40, you can buy all the expanded transcripts and the audio at the same time and save $128.

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