Mind WorkStation: an all-in-one toolset for brainwave entrainment: FREE 2 week trial

Brainwave Entrainment Software

Mind WorkStation is an all-in-one toolset for brainwave entrainment.

Mind WorkStation handles the entire process of creating professional brainwave entrainment sessions, offering a wide range of audio/visual effects, cutting-edge neural stimulation methods, and easy integration with biofeedback and EEG devices.

Mind WorkStation enables you to work with brainwave entrainment in ways that were not possible or cost-effective before. While it handles many of the complex, technical aspects for you, you are able to drill down into the details and fine tune every aspect of the neural stimulation.All-in-one toolset for brainwave entrainment

Whether you are a therapist, researcher, developer, neurofeedback practitioner or simply a brainwave entrainment enthusiast, Mind WorkStation gives you the tools you need for in depth experimentation with brainwave entrainment


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