How to Heal Through Past Life Exploration with Sandra Blackman: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Do you experience recurring emotional, physical, or relationship challenges that you just can’t seem to find the reason for?

What if these repeated challenges are actually part of a thread that weaves together your past lives with this one — to evolve your soul and help you fulfill your higher purpose for incarnating?

If you’re ready to discover more about why you’re facing particular challenges in this lifetime AND how you can transform them, I’m thrilled to invite you to a free online event Saturday, November 18, with renowned author, psychologist, and regression therapist Linda Backman:

How to Heal Through Past Life Exploration: Transform Physical & Emotional Challenges by Clearing the Unresolved Karma from Your Soul’s Journey.

You can find out more and reserve your complimentary seat here

If you’re intrigued to learn more about healing through past-life exploration, there’s no better teacher than Linda Backman. She has decades of experience working with hundreds of clients in past life (and between life) regression therapy, and has also trained thousands in her methods.

In this fascinating hour, you’ll discover:

  • Why unresolved karma may be the hidden cause of chronic health issues in particular parts of your body
  • How you can heal chronic health issues through understanding your past lives and relationship patterns
  • Powerful stories of past-life explorations uncovering key karmic information for physical and emotional healing — and how these examples may support your own healing
  • How to heal relationship patterns and bring more love and intimacy to key relationships by discovering your past life karma and its patterns
  • What past life regressions can reveal about your potential lives on other planets and how these experiences may be causing you illness or emotional issues now

Don’t miss this opportunity to have Linda guide you to a deeper awareness of the ways your past-life karma plays out in this lifetime… and how to transform it!

You’ll begin to see how challenges — from health crises to the loss of loved ones — often contain just what you need to grow your soul and open to greater fulfilment in this lifetime.

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P.S. During How to Heal Through Past Life Exploration, Linda will delve into the dynamics of healing through past-life work and help you start to unveil your abilities to explore your past-life karma as an avenue to personal transformation.

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A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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