Psychotherapy & Spirituality Summit! FREE from SoundsTrue

Spiritual training (which includes practices such as meditation, prayer, inquiry, and yoga) can help us open to a dimension that is transcendent and filled with grace.

Psychological work can help us heal the wounds from our past and learn to navigate skillfully when it comes to our emotions and the world of intimacy and relationships.

How can we bring together the best of these two powerful approaches to healing and transformation?

How might each discipline address potential “blind spots” contained in the other?

What does an integrated approach to human growth and fulfillment look like…

—one that honors both the discoveries of the wisdom traditions and the discoveries of Western psychology and neuroscience?

Join the free online Psychotherapy and Spirituality Summit!

October 30 through November 8 with the following presenters:

Registration is FREE and you can sign up now!

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