Discover the 4 Foundations of Intuitive Healing with Wendy De Rosa: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Have you been told that you’re “overly sensitive”?

Do you feel like you take on the emotions of those around you — and have been doing so since you were a child?

Many of us have grown up in families and cultures in which our natural intuitive gifts were not honored, encouraged, or valued. So we didn’t receive the guidance we needed to manage the energy of others, which led to us feeling anxious, fearful, or even depressed.

That’s why author, trainer, and intuitive healer Wendy De Rosa’s virtual mini-workshop is so important. Wendy will show you how to heal the energetic patterns that have been embedded in your chakras so you can experience greater freedom, authenticity, and connection to your healing gifts.

I hope you’ll join us on Wednesday, October 11, for Discover the 4 Foundations of Intuitive Healing: How to Clear Energy Blocks & Turn Your Sensitivity Into a Healing Gift.

You can find out more and register here for this FREE virtual event

If you’re especially sensitive and have struggled with taking on the energy of others and easily becoming anxious and overwhelmed, Wendy will illuminate the pathway for accessing your natural intuitive gifts in a grounded and embodied way.

In this free video event, you’ll discover how to:

  • Dissolve energetic and emotional blocks that prevent you from accessing your intuition
  • Distinguish your intuitive voice (voice of your soul) from the conditioning of others (voice of your ego)
  • Clear old programming from your lower three chakras so you can ground powerfully into your authentic self
  • Access the four intuitive foundations (hearing, seeing, feeling, knowing) so you can expand your blueprint for receiving information
  • Understand how your intuition works in your body

The challenge is that most of us have accumulated emotional and energetic blocks that keep us from accessing and expressing our gifts…

When you clearly hear the voice of your intuition, you’ll be free to share your unique gifts with the world — and become more empowered in your relationships and in your work.

Join us for a fascinating hour that will help illuminate your blind spots, identify areas for further development, and explain how to navigate life in a way that honors and celebrates your sensitivity!! 

This event is appropriate for both seasoned professional healers and those who are just opening to their gifts.

Paul at ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of The ShiftNetwork)

P.S. Please don’t miss this rare event with Wendy De Rosa to discover how to clear emotional and energetic blocks to liberate your intuitive healing gifts!

Save your space here for Discover the 4 Foundations of Intuitive Healing: How to Clear Energy Blocks & Turn Your Sensitivity Into a Healing Gift

A downloadable video recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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