Beyond Good Nutrition with Kirsty Wirth & Cyndi O’Meara: FREE 4 part video series from Changing Habits

Are you suffering from health issues, you have tried to eat healthy, tried many different treatments but you just can’t seem to get better?

There could be a chance that you could be suffering from gut issues. Kirsty Wirth from Kultured Wellness and Cyndi O’Meara from Changing Habits – two incredibly influential and knowledgeable health educators have partnered together and are bringing out a FREE 4 part gut health series – ‘Beyond Good Nutrition’

You will learn how an in-balance in your gut can cause fatigue, digestive problems, lapse of memory and focus, as well as affect your moods. If this sounds familiar, then click here to signup 
Cyndi & Kirsty will discuss vital steps to balance your gut and regain your energy and resilience.

Click here  for more information and to sign up. If you know of anyone who could be suffering from gut health issues, make sure you share this with them as well.

Paul  at  ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of Changing Habits)

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