The World Psychic Summit 2017; FREE from Hay House #psychicweek

When you speak to someone, can you tell how they’re feeling without them ever telling you? You might even be able to sense the vibe in a room the moment you walk in. Maybe you’re finding that penny with your loved one’s birth year in the most unexpected places

Sometimes that nagging feeling is just so strong that you’re sure there’s something to it, but sometimes it just feels like your imagination might be taking you for a ride.

With all the noise of day to day life, is it just that some of us are too sensitive and we let the outside world cloud our energy? Who knows, it might just be a wonderful coincidence and surely there’s plenty of pennies to go around so that’s why you see them everywhere. And sure, that insistent feeling might have been right in the past, but sometimes when you need it most, there’s just nothing.

But what if there’s something to it?

We’ve all felt or experienced at least one of the scenarios above. If you’ve ever been accused of being
overly sensitive or emotional, then you might just be an empath or a highly sensitive individual. And isn’t
it comforting to know that maybe your passed loved one is leaving you little signs that they’re okay, but
what other signs might you be missing? Whether it’s a gut feeling or intuition, it would b e great if it were at least a bit more consistent.
Given all that,  Hay House has brought together some of the foremost experts in this arena to help you develop your
own unique ability to listen to the messages around you and live in the world as a highly sensitive individual.
You won’t want to miss the Hay House World Psychic Summit. It features amazing teachings from some
of the world’s best psychics, mediums, and intuitive teachers like James Van Praagh, Sonia Choquette,
John Holland, Colette Baron Reid, John Edward and many more.
This week long summit is packed with tips to receive intuitive messages clearly, meditations to ground
you and clear your mind, and techniques to develop your natural intuitive abilities and create energetic
It’s FREE for you to listen to online from September 20– September 26. All you have to do is sign up and get it on your calendar.
It’s still a few days before the event begins, but Hay House has made sure to give you a small taste of the
World Psychic Summit before it all starts.
When you sign up now, you can access a bonus video with world famous psychic medium, James Van Praagh where he shares his process for connecting to the other side and receiving psychic messages. And as James says, everyone is psychic to one degree or  another so you don’t want to wait and miss this video.
Open your heart. Open your soul. Get ready to feel, sense, and see. See you at the Hay House World
Psychic Summit.
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(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of Hay  House)

You Can Own the World Psychic Package for Only $77

If you don’t think you’ll have time to enjoy all 22 lessons available during the week of the Summit or if
you want to listen to them over a nd over again, you can purchase all 22 lessons for just $77. You’ll save
$22 if you purchase before the World Psychic Summit starts on September 20th.
Plus  you’ll receive over $300 in bonus gifts to help you apply these lessons to your life all year round.
Whether you order the World Psychic Summit today or experience it FREE during the week of
September 20th– 26th, I promise you will see huge shifts in your daily life and I’m excited to hear your

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