Shamanic Journeying to the Other Side: FREE with Robert Moss & the ShiftNetwork

Did you know that through the practice of advanced shamanic journeying, you can receive higher guidance from the “other side” that’s precisely attuned to whatever needs attention, nurturance, love and healing in your life right now?

Yes, you can embark upon these voyages in consciousness to connect with those on the other side… which can also help dissolve your fear of death so you can live with a greater ease, passion and love.

If you’d like to learn core principles and practices for shamanic journeying to the realm of life after death, you’ll want to participate in a FREE online event featuring Robert Moss, bestselling author of Active Dreamingand a dozen other books on the fascinating subject of dreaming.

This free event, Shamanic Journeying to the Other Side: Communicate with the Departed & Make Death Your Allyairs Wednesday, September 27.

You can register for it here 

Engaging and full of life, Robert is a brilliant and illuminating teacher, helping you to use shamanic journeying for healing and exploration of rich creative possibilities for yourself and for our world.

During this free event, you’ll:

  • Discover how shamanic journeying to the other side can cultivate inspiration and energy for courageous living
  • Heal your relations with the departed by directly engaging them
  • Access direct experiential insights about the soul’s survival after physical death
  • Receive a taste of the “houses of death,” including glimpses of beautiful structures on the other side
  • Be led on a powerful guided journey into finding your own house of death

This promises to be a mind-expanding hour that will help you discover how to part the veils between worlds to gain direct knowledge, spiritual awareness and the understanding of how death can actually serve as a portal to a richer life.

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an  affiliate of the ShiftNetwork)

P.S. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn advanced shamanic dreaming techniques from world-renowned dream expert Robert Moss, so you can journey into other realms (including the afterlife) and receive wisdom and inspiration for the here and now.

Register here for this FREE online event

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