Hay House World Psychic Summit -September 20-26

 You have just a short time left to watch James Van Praagh’s bonus video-lesson
Developing Your Intuitive Abilities  available only until Tuesday 19th  September 2017 11:59 PMET.
In this exclusive video made only for the World Psychic Summit, James shares:
-his own personal process for connecting to the other side
-tips and exercises to ground yourself and receive psychic insight
-His most shocking experience on stage
-how to know when you are getting a message from spirit
If you haven’t registered for free yet, the World Psychic Summit features 22 amazing intuitive
development lessons released over 7 days from September 20th –September 26th.
This week-long summit is packed with tips to help you understand the intuitive messages you receive,
meditations to ground you and clear your mind, and techniques to create energetic boundaries.
Here are some of the topics you’ll learn about:
How to get messages from the spirit world with John Holland
Using tools like oracle cards to make important decisions with Colette Baron-Reid
Explore spiritual pathways like the Qabalah with David Wells
Contact your personal spirit guides and angels with Kyle Gray
Communicate with your animal companions with Pea Horsley
See and interpret color energy with Dougall Fraser
Free yourself from negative thoughts with Teal Swan
Use numerology to uncover your life purpose with Michelle Buchanan
Understand the role archetypes play in your life with Caroline Myss
Have more confidence and trust in yourself with Lisa Williams
Access wisdom from your higher self with Marisa Moris
If you don’t have time to listen to all 22 World Psychic Summit lessons live we have also made it
available for you to own for just $77 if you order before it begins (save $22).
If you order the World Psychic Summit package, Hay House  will also include 5 additional bonus products
valued over $300.
Whether you plan to listen to the summit live or own it to enjoy anytime, I know it will open many doors
for you!

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