‘Brilliant Health’ by Paul R Scheele

You want great health. But how do you achieve it?
You know about eating healthful food, supplements, exercise, meditation, balanced emotions, etc. You are probably doing some if not all of these things. Right?!
But there is something you might be overlooking that could give you even greater vitality, long life, and robust health.
We all have these incredible resources, but we often leave them to their own devices…or maybe happenstance…or maybe we are triggered by other people or the news or work or situations in life (you get the idea).
Research funded by the National Institute of Health suggests, “interventions that target non-conscious processes and are less reliant on reflective, conscious engagement have significant potential for changing behavior across populations.”
Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., co-founder of Learning Strategies, has been studying the workings of the genius mind for four decades.
Paul knows how to help you rally your internal resources. He knows how to get your nonconscious mind to support your hopes and dreams instead of sabotaging them.
In the new Brilliant Health video program, Paul addresses simple things you can do immediately to bridge the gap from the conscious mind to the nonconscious mind.
This gets you out of limited thinking and into a reality of connection where the incredible power of your nonconscious mind works in your best interest continually.
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Brilliant Health gives you specific things you can do right now to improve your health,
especially your physical, emotional, and mental health
in six fun and fascinating video sessions
Taking Back Your Health – Saturday, August 26
You have more control of your health than you might realize. It is not about simply going to the doctor when things are wrong. Your host, Paul Scheele, shows you countless things you can do right now to live a healthy, balanced, and energetic life.
Mental Stress & Anxiety: Finding emotional balance and well-being– Sunday, August 27
Stress causes most of our health issues. You’ve heard that over and over in the last 20 years.
Stress leads to anxiety. It all leads to unbalanced emotions that sabotage your life and agitate everyone around you.
In this session Paul Scheele gives you the quickest and easiest ways to reduce mental stress, anxiety, and emotional torment.
You might ask, If others can, why can’t you? You can. You may simply need guidance to have your nonconscious balance your life.
Your Ideal Weight: Getting it right and keeping it right– Monday, August 28
Being overweight is one of the leading causes of sickness in our society. People simply over-eat and under-exercise.
It is also more than that, because as you’ve probably experienced in your life so far, common stresses and anxieties can pack on the pounds.
In this session Paul shows you how to align your life with your nonconscious mind. Part of his conversation will be how to use Paraliminal sessions to reach and maintain your ideal weight.
Sleep: Take charge of the night for better rest, total revitalization, productive dreaming, and effective problem solving– Tuesday, August 29
We are sleep deprived says the experts.
One of the simplest things we can do to improve our health and well-being is to consistently get a good night sleep. Paul will give you tips, tricks, and strategies to help you.
Plus you will learn how to use your sleep and your dreams to enhance your life. Dreams are not just for pleasant or weird nighttime entertainment. They are a valuable resource for insights and information from your nonconscious mind reaching out, so you may as well access this portal to support your health goals.
Beyond Illness, Disease, and Pain– Wednesday, August 30
Being sick is miserable. Dealing with pain is worse.
Paul will show you how to take the misery out of being sick and the suffering out of pain.
This will make it a lot easier to move beyond a challenge or illness so your body can heal itself, especially with the support of any medical professionals you might be working with.
Aging with Vitality and Grace– Thursday, August 31
You are older right now than you were when you started reading about Brilliant Health.
Time marches on.
Paul will show you how NOT to let time become a slow road to death.
This session of Brilliant Health helps you age with vitality and grace so that your future years are infinitely more rewarding than your past years.
It is not about hanging on to youth, but enjoying a life well lived until it’s time to move on.
The final conversation will be, Where Do We Go From Here?– Friday, September 1
You will learn so much from Paul during Brilliant Health and gain a myriad of great, health-giving ideas.
Paul will help you put it all together so Brilliant Health becomes a way of being. So your health is not just about one problem after another. So you look optimistically at how your body, mind, and emotions can serve you and your aspirations. So you live a happy and joyous (and more productive) life.

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Paul also tells you specifically how to use his proprietary and unique Paraliminal technology to supercharge your efforts
Paraliminal technology involves listening to audio sessions that are about 20 minutes in length. During these sessions, Paul guides your nonconscious mind to learn new strategies to respond to what is going on around you.
They are remarkably effective because of Paul’s immense expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and his ability to help you create a direct path to the nonconscious.
You see, when you listen to a Paraliminal session, whether it is Perfect Health, Recover & Reenergize, Ideal Weight, Anxiety-Free, or any of the 46 different programs, you will hear a voice in each ear speaking to different parts of the brain.
This effectively activates your “whole mind,” giving you direct access to the nonconscious without your conscious mind getting in the way.
Many Paraliminals do their job in just one listening session and some require multiple uses.
During Brilliant Health Paul shares the inside secrets from those who have used Paraliminals most effectively.
A free online event for your health and well-being
You can watch Paul Scheele’s six video sessions of Brilliant Health over six days beginning on Saturday, August 26.
Each session is around an hour. You will experience mini-meditations and closed-eye visualizations and learn about mental processes you can use immediately. You will explore physical practices such as “tapping” and “educational kinesiology.” You’ll learn about shifts you can easily make that support a healthy, balanced, and energetic life.
Paul Scheele is as funny as he is brilliant, so the time will zip by, and you are sure to pick up advice that will make every minute more than worthwhile.
And if you already use Paraliminals, you’ll get great insights for using them more effectively to support your life. If you are new to Paraliminals, you’ll have your eyes open to a powerful way to direct your nonconscious mind to brilliant health.
And if you never listen to a Paraliminal, you’ll still gain tremendous insights to help you live more intentionally and healthfully day in and day out.
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To your health!
Paul  at ChangeThatMind.com
(Note that  ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of Learning Strategies Fests)

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