Kasina sound & light machine from Mindplace – & sleep!

Mindplace’s most mature product yet, Kasina – This Pali term refers to an ancient system of meditation that uses visual objects to focus the mind.

The  MindPlace Kasina can be used in a similar manner to induce positive mood shifting effects.

Get yourself into a comfortable position, put on your earphones, choose a session, put on the ganzframes –  your mind will naturally attune to the same frequency as the session you choose – in the same way that tuning a fork works. Imagine a world of pure jewel-like color illuminating your visual and mental fields.Examples of session types are: meditate, focus energy, night voyage, trance, and mind-art.

  • Meditation aid – access deeply tranquil states
  • Can clears of extraneous thoughts – stops the “Monkey Mind
  • Focus and attention trainer
  • Break undesirable states – like anger
  • Facilitate accelerated learning
  • Mood shifter – change your mind
  • Access altered states of consciousness
  • Stunning audio – visual experience – wow factor

As someone who suffers from insomnia, I can personally attest to the power of the Kasina as a sleep aid. With over 60 million Americans struggle to catch some zzzs, this is an amazing opportunity – Kasina owner

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