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Kids are getting sicker every year. The Telegraph newspaper in London recently stated that children’s cancers are up 40% in the last 16 years. And it becomes harder every day to know how to do the best for them.

That’s where the “My Healthy Child” online event may be able to help you.


This event brings together 21 experts for interviews about how THEY bring up their children and what they recommend you do with your little ones. All interviews are being streamed free of charge for seven days from July 20th to 26th..

Although most of these experts are very well known, many had never agreed to be interviewed on this subject before. They will  share their tips and strategies for bringing up their own children on the right path. It’s called “My Healthy Child” and it’s coming on July 20th. .

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The “My Healthy Child” event will teach you:

  • How to deal with earaches, pink eye and other everyday conditions
  • How to help children with self-belief issues
  • Giving your child the very best chance of avoiding cancer
  • How vitamin C can literally change your life
  • How to select a good paediatrician

My Healthy Child is online and free from July 20 to 26, 2017!

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