Advanced Conversational Hypnosis with Steve G Jones: $39.99 (U.S.)

Steve G. Jones and Conversational Hypnosis
This is almost like a weapon.

It’s very powerful but can be very dangerous.

Conversational hypnosis is without a doubt one of the most effective and beneficial forms of hypnosis on the planet.
Effective because it enables you to completely bypass the critical faculty of the human mind so you can plant hypnotic suggestions without your subject having any clue that you’re doing so.
And beneficial because you can use this power to get people to do just about anything you ask of them.
Yes, that means you can use this to get:
  • More money
  • More dates
  • More invitations to opportunities
  •  More access to valuable resources
  •  More of just about anything in life

Use it wisely.

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Get in on  It While You Can 

Here’s what  you get  for just  $39.99!…….

Module 1: The Art of Anchoring

  • Learn a powerful technique where memory recall is used to stimulate a specific response.
  • Learn how to use anchoring elicit emotions, such as confidence.
  • Discover an NLP and conversational hypnosis technique that you can use in every day life to become the success you want to be.

Module 2: Respect Commanding 101

  • Discover the art of commanding respect in any situation.
  • Learn conversational hypnosis techniques to help you gain confidence, which is at the core of commanding respect

Module 3: Confidence Explosion

  • Learn hypnosis techniques to build confidence that will enable you to create the life that you want.
  • Learn techniques that will help you be more confident in relationships, your career & in your own abilities.

Module 4: Dream Job Mastery

  • Discover an NLP technique that will help you land your dream job
  • Access the tools you need to activate your mindset to take action and for potential employers to take notice
  • If you aren’t sure what your dream job is, Dr. Steve G. Jones will motivate you to find out

Module 5: Fear Shattering (Failure)

  • Get access to specific exercises that will help you overcome fear of failure.
  • Learn how conversational hypnosis can help to give yourself a boost in confidence

Module 6: Fear Shattering (Success)

  • Listen as Dr. Steve G. Jones uses his 25 years of experience in conversational hypnosis to give you tips to help you overcome your fears regarding success
  • You deserve to accomplish your dreams in life and Steve’s powerful NLP techniques in this module will help you get there

Module 7: Law of Attraction Hybrid

  • Learn how to leverage the law of attraction to use your thoughts, emotions and behavior to attract what you want into your life
  • Here Steve teaches you how to combine conversational hypnosis and the law of attraction to get what you want

Module 8: Next Level Body Language

  • Learn how to use body language to your advantage
  • Become aware of your body language to make sure you are giving the impression you want to give
  • Learn techniques on body language that will help you read the body language of others

Module 9: Confidence Builder

  • Learn to leverage one of the most important feelings you can have
  • Learn the secret to taking any goal you have in mind and making it much easier to attain
  • Discover how to build confidence in yourself through conversational hypnosis

Module 10: Fear Shattering (Social)

  • Learn to conquer something that can be debilitating mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Let Dr. Steve G. Jones help you overcome fear in any social situation whether it’s in a crowd or one-on-one with another person
  • Conversational hypnosis techniques will not only help you to feel more at ease, but it will teach you how to build rapport with others to help relieve all anxiety

Module 11: Mega Control

  • These conversational hypnosis techniques are designed for you to take control in any situation, whether it be dating, sales or simply getting your way
  • Dr. Steve G. Jones will share with you many powerful techniques that will help you gain control of any situation
  • Learning these techniques will give you the upper hand

Module 12: Dating & Marriage Mastery

  • Master communication which is a key factor in any relationship.
  • Discover empowering conversational hypnosis techniques that will better able you to communicate in your marriage or on dates
  • Gain rapport with your date/significant other
  • Learn how to control your own body language as well as learn how to read the other person by picking up on their body language

Module 13: Mega Mirroring and Leading

  • Learn next level mirroring and leading techniques
  • Develop a strong connection with people by developing rapport
  • Gain the advantage in any situation, whether at work or in your personal life

Module 14: Motivation Explosion

  • Get motivation in your life to help you accomplish both short term and long term goals
  • Learn how conversational hypnosis techniques can be used in order to gain motivation
  • Learn to to stay focused, move forward and handle setbacks easily

Module 15: Positive Habit Creation

  • Develop positive habits in life that enhance your overall well-being
  • Replace negative habits with positive habits
  • Live a much happier and successful life with these tips

Module 16: Mega Rapport

  • Master the art of connection with others
  • Learn to gain rapport with any person in your life whether it’s a friend, boss, sales person or a family member
  • Master rapport any social interaction

Module 17: Mega Sales Techniques

  • Learn techniques that will help you even if you’re not in sale
  • Learn NLP and conversational hypnosis techniques to help you negotiate and get what you want no matter what end of the sale you are on

Module 18: Simple Conversational Hypnosis Techniques

  • Access tons of information on conversational hypnosis and techniques that you can use every single day
  • Discover simple techniques that you will pick up immediately, requiring little to no practice
  • Learn information in this module that is powerful and a lot of fun to learn

Module 19: Mega Street Hypnosis

  • Begin the journey as Steve guides you through the secrets of street hypnosis
  • Learn next level hypnosis, conversational hypnosis, waking trance and suggestibility
  • Access secrets that are informative, educational and entertaining

Module 20: The Meta Model

  • Discover an NLP communication model used to specify information in a speaker’s language
  • Learn the three universal processes and how to gather information based on these processes
  • Experience and understand other people’s perception of the world

Module 21: Meta Programs

  • Learn about patterns in the thinking styles of a particular individual, group or culture
  • Discover this powerful NLP technique and how you can learn from your own and others meta programs
  • Enhance communication and help develop rapport

Module 22: Pattern Interrupt

  • Discover an NLP technique that is used to interrupt someone’s train of thought and allows you to redirect the conversation
  • Master the art of this technique which will help you in many ways in your life in order to gain control over a conversation or negotiation

Module 23: Representational Systems

  • Learn the fascinating topic of representational systems
  • Gain insight to another person’s representational system and converse with others in a way in which they will understand, while building rapport at the same time

Module 24: Mega Self Esteem

  • Perfect For those who are lacking a self-esteem which can impact your life beyond what meets the eye
  • Boost your self-esteem so that you believe in yourself and your abilities
  • Learn conversational hypnosis techniques that will be life-changing

Module 25: Self Hypnosis

  • Master the art of hypnotizing yourself for best results
  • Learn how to really communicate with your subconscious so you can get past all the negative self talk
  • And much more!


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