Adeventures of the Soul with James van Praagh from Hay House


Join world-renowned Psychic Medium and Spiritual teacher James Van Praagh for this informative and insightful Online Course, as he assists you in re-connecting with the true nature of your being, your SOUL.

From lifetime to lifetime, our soul crosses through the rivers of time and gathers experiences for its own knowledge and expansion.  Every experience and memory you have ever encountered is deeply imbedded into your soul and is now and forever is part of its DNA.
By taking part in this Online Course, you will attain the enlightened awareness and understanding of your true soul nature.  You will receive answers to some of life’s most perplexing inquiries such as: What motivates you? Why do people believe a certain way?  Why do some have a difficult life and others seem to breeze right through life?  Come join James and remember the true essence of your being.

Lesson 1: What is the Soul? Understanding Your Soul’s Nature

Lesson 2: Soul Memories; Uncovering Your Truth

Lesson 3: Soul Lessons – What You Are Here to Learn

Lesson 4: Soul Choices ; How To Live a Soul-filled Life

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