Yoga Day Summit: From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Science: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Are you ready to journey to the birthplace of yoga?

Move beyond the poses and off the mat to experience yogis, swamis, swaminis and world-renowned yoga teachers sharing their wisdom directly from the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of the Ganges River in celebration of the UN’s International Day of Yoga.

Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience with a global community of sages, musicians, scientists and beloved teachers from around the globe — to discover yoga practices, guided meditations and healing breathwork for restoring, balancing and invigorating your body, mind and soul.

This 2-day Yoga Day Summit is like no other online series — with yoga teachers gathering from diverse traditions, joining together for this one event to expand your knowledge of the world of yoga, from its ancient roots in India to today’s global movement of transformation.

This is why I’m passionate about inviting you to join The Yoga Day Summit — an online event that will offer you an unparalleled opportunity to experience and celebrate the beauty, power and depth of yoga as a vehicle for living a divine life and creating a world built on Oneness.

Free Online Event
The Yoga Day Summit
June 21 & 22, 2017

On June 21 & 22, 2017 (June 21 is the UN’s International Day of Yoga!), The Yoga Day Summit will host more than 50 sessions — including exclusive videos with yogis on the banks of the Holy Ganges River.

I’m honored to share this special gathering of more than 50 yogis  — sages, musicians, scientists and beloved teachers from around the globe — including H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, Sri Mooji, Michael Singer, Tommy Rosen, Kia Miller, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Bruce H. Lipton, Anodea Judith and others — as they tap into the thousands of years of energy, power and transformation experienced at these holy sites.

 I hope you’ll participate in this special online gathering presented by The Shift Network in association with UPLIFT and Parmarth Niketan.

RSVP here for The Yoga Day Summit — at no charge

During this inspiring 2-day summit, you’ll discover:

  • A special message from India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the International Yoga Festival on the benefits of yoga in creating peace in yourself & the world
  • Deep wisdom on the various streams of yoga traditions
  • In-depth conversations with some of the world’s leading yoga teachers demonstrating how the ancient wisdom of yoga is spreading across the globe & addressing modern global challenges, one person, one breath at a time
  • That yoga can help you awaken to your deepest essence — inspiring you to take compassionate & effective meaningful action
  • Exciting ways yoga can help transform culture, societal structures & business
  • The most hopeful grassroots developments we’re experiencing through yoga today
  • Ways yoga can awaken you to a natural intelligence that will guide your life, moment by moment, & help you contribute to a more peaceful world
  • How yoga is awakening the Sacred Feminine and Conscious Masculine around the world
  • Interviews and musical performances by top kirtan musicians
  • How yoga begins and ends with love and helps you find profound states of love in yourself & in your relationships
  • The stages of consciousness: ego, Self, Oneness with God and Truth
  • How yoga was intentionally sent to the West (planned centuries in advance) by great saints to help harmonize humanity

And much more!

If you’re ready to live as a beautiful expression of the Divine every day, join the extraordinary presenters to discover complete yogic lifestyle — one that sees the sacred in all things and honors all the world as a divine reflection. You deserve it… and the world needs you!

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 Yours truly,

 Paul at

P.S. Here’s what a few participants from last year’s Yoga Day Summit had to share:

This is the most incredible event I ever attended online. So many insights! So many beautiful people in one place! Would love to meet all of them again, and again, and again…
— Viktoria Mira, São Paulo, Brazil

Thank you for such an authentic, inspiring and passionate group of wise teachers who re-ignited my passion and love for the many time-honoured teachings of yoga.
— Annette Field, Yoga teacher, Yoga Aspirations, Sydney, Australia

Kudos to the diverse range of amazing speakers, who were so educational, inspiring yet deeply life changing.
— Margie, Sydney, Australia

It is a real blessing to get to hear these amazing teachers and speakers for free online. Thank you so much bringing the yoga world to my home!
— Anonymous

I was totally uplifted and captivated by The Yoga Day Summit. The professionalism and technical aspects of the webcast were marvelous (many webcasts are not). Wonderful experience. I can’t wait for next year’s Yoga Day Summit!
— Liz Lambregtse

RSVP here for The Yoga Day Summit — at no charge

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