The Science of Medical Intuition with Caroline Myss! from SoundsTrue

 Registration has just opened for The Science of Medical Intuition, which features over 18 hours of audio and video teachings, meditations, and special bonuses, including more than 6 hours of new video trainings. It is the most comprehensive program ever developed on the topic.

If you have wanted to know more about medical intuition and develop your own intuitive abilities, then this program is for you

The Science of Medical Intuition  is designed to help you to step fully into your path and to turn on your intuitive powers. Here is an overview of the ten-week training:

  • Module 1: The Art and Science of Medical Intuition
  • Module 2: The History of Medical Intuition
  • Module 3: Opening to Your Intuitive Voice
  • Module 4: The Holographic View of Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit
  • Module 5: Sensing Information Through Chakras 1, 2, and 3—Your Foundation
  • Module 6: Sensing Information Through Chakras 4, 5, 6, and 7—Your Higher Self
  • Module 7: The Three Levels of Archetypal Power
  • Module 8: Sacred Rings—Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  • Module 9: The Ring of Crystal and Past-Life Imagery
  • Module 10: Discovering Your Intuitive Code

This program is now on sale for a limited time! Learn more and get all the details here 

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