How you can use dowsing to solve problems & take your life to radically higher levels: FREE from Learning Strategies

Dowsing is not just for finding water.
You can use dowsing to find little-known sources of problems in your life: “geopathic stress,” “interference lines,” or “negative energy vortexes.”
Those are naturally occurring phenomena of energy that can have a dramatic effect on you.
For example: If you have those in your home or on your property, you can experience nightmares, sleeplessness, and even illness.
If an energy line goes through your garden, it can retard the growth of plants or make them susceptible to disease, drought, and other plant problems.
You can use “dowsing rods,” or “divining rods” to easily find those problems.
It is all easy to do, and you can learn how absolutely free during the upcoming 6-day Diamond Dowsing Fest.
During the Diamond Dowsing Fest, renowned Feng Shui master Marie Diamond will demonstrate how to use dowsing rods through a unique series of videos.
The videos are free for you to view during the six days of this online event beginning Monday, June 19. You can get your Free Pass right here.

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There are Negative Energy Vortexes
and Positive Energy Vortexes
Marie tells the story of one of her clients who owned a failing retail store. She used the dowsing rods to uncover a negative vortex right on the cash register. Marie neutralized it, and immediately the business began to thrive. She said, “It was as if the vortex repelled customers.”
You will learn to do this yourself. And, you will learn how to find “positive energy vortexes” that you can use to activate greater abundance in your life. A positive energy vortex can energize everything you do when you are near one.
Everyone has a natural ability to dowse

Thousands of people have already purchased Marie’s Diamond Dowsing course, but now you get to watch the sessions absolutely free during the Diamond Dowsing Fest.

You can use this information to work with the Earth’s physical energy systems that either emanate from its center or exist as numerous grids or patterns around the planet.

You see, the Earth’s natural vibrations support our immune and energy systems, our bodies, and our minds. When these natural vibrations are disturbed, their energy turns negative. Marie talks about these issues and shows you how to fix them.
Studies also show that electromagnetic fields from overhead power lines, electrical appliances, cell phones, and cell-phone towers put humans at physical risk.
These stressed energy fields can impact our bodies and immune systems, challenge our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and reduce our success in relationships, with families, and in our work life. Again, Marie to explain it all.
Your first session is ready for you right now.
You will learn:
  • The causes of energy disturbances in your own environment.
  • How to use dowsing rods to detect energy disturbances, including geopathic stress and various energy lines, zones, and vortexes.
  • How to cure energy disturbances and enhance positive energy fields.
  • How to determine the level of energy in any room, home, or building (and even of foods and products), and how to increase that energy level.
  • How to access a higher energy field to clear and protect your personal energy and enhance your dowsing abilities.
  • How to create a vibrant environment by releasing stuck energy.
“My children and my house felt chaotic. My two children were constantly fighting, and it seemed that they broke every toy they played with. I had tried everything in order to bring some peace into my house, but nothing worked. Then I dowsed every room. I found many stress lines, especially where the children played, and a negative vortex in the center of our house. After doing the cures, I was amazed at how quickly our home became one of harmony. The children have stopped fighting, and they play so wonderfully with their toys. I love my home again!”
– Rita from California
“I dowsed my business partner’s home. The most amazing story was about her husband. He has had back problems for several years and went through a second surgery in February. His back continued to hurt him after the surgery. He was on pain medication until the end of April, then decided he would just live with the pain. His back stopped hurting him after the dowsing.”
– Chris Barr from Florida
You get the rare opportunity to learn how to dowse absolutely free. All you have to do is get your Free Pass right now, and show up for this free 6-day event. It begins on Monday, June 19.
I encourage you to attend the program so that you can fix problems that might be showing in your life and take advantage of naturally occurring positive energy vortexes.
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Your first session is ready for you right now.


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