How to Turn Divorce, Illness & Other Life Challenges Into Gateways to Boundless Love, by Miranda MacPherson: FREE from the Shift Network

Have you recently experienced a “fall from grace” in your life?

Perhaps it’s been a descent into grief, fear or pain that accompanied a loss — the end of a relationship or job, an unexpected diagnosis, or some unexpected turn of life’s wheel.

Even day-to-day challenges and stressors can cause us to experience this “fall.” 

What if in the midst of these difficult times — when you feel the most lost and afraid — you could land in a space within you filled with abundant love, clarity and peace?

Miranda Macpherson offers a distinctly feminine perspective on how to access this reserve of Boundless Love that’s always been inside you. You can experience her teachings during a free virtual event hosted by The Shift Network –– on Saturday, June 17 –– called: Landing in Love After Falling From Grace: How to Turn Divorce, Illness & Other Life Challenges Into Gateways to Boundless Love.

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During this heart-opening hour with Miranda, you’ll discover:

  • The fall from grace that every human experiences, and that separates you from Boundless Love as your natural condition
  • How embracing your life challenges can become a powerful gateway to being love and living in freedom
  • How to navigate hurt, conflict and anger with a wise and loving heart

Please don’t miss this opportunity to have Miranda show you how to rest in the Boundless Love that can provide the comfort and sense of calm you need to navigate your life’s challenges and learn to embrace and evolve from every experience.

She’s a truly luminous teacher and really walks her talk.

I hope to “see” you there! It’s FREE to attend and you’ll receive a recording later if you can’t listen live

Paul at ChangeThatMind

P.S. During Landing in Love After Falling From Grace, Miranda Macpherson will show you how to open to the Boundless Love that can help you through challenge and disappointment and make your life all the richer.

This event is free but requires registration. RSVP here

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