How to Find the Goodness within Others with Jack Kornfield: FREE from SoundsTrue

We’ve all had this kind of day—for whatever reason, you’re feeling “down.” You’re irritable, sad, distracted, or just plain grumpy.

And then someone you come into contact with—a co-worker, your partner, a stranger at the grocery store—seems to see through all of that. They see your goodness within and you can do this too:

Watch the video teaching featuring Jack Kornfield here now. 

When this happens, it’s almost like they see past all of the uncomfortable layers, all the way into your heart. You could say they see “the real you.”

It’s refreshing. And it’s liberating.

In this free video teaching , beloved mindfulness teacher Jack Kornfield offers insights on what it means to see the goodness in others. What sort of impact can it have on that person—and yourself?

Check out this video teaching here 

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P.S. This is the first video in a three video series that features Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach that will be available for a limited time. Watch it now: Seeing the Goodness Within with Jack Kornfield 

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