How to Connect Directly With the Divine: with Andrew Harvey: FREE from the ShiftNetwork

If you long for a deeper connection with the Divine, Andrew Harvey, one of today’s most riveting and passionate spiritual teachers, will personally guide you into the mystical practices that can open your direct personal connection to divine love.

On Saturday, May 20, Andrew will present a free online workshop: How to Connect Directly With the Divine: Mystical Principles & Practices to Access the Love, Wisdom and Sacred Energies of the Universe.

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Andrew is an electrifying teacher who intimately understands the process for entering into a mature, rigorous and exhilarating relationship with the Divine — and evolving into a higher state of divine humanity as a result.

During this compelling hour, Andrew will share with you:

  • What it takes to connect deeply with the Divine
  • How the process can release your authentic self into the world
  • How to have unconditional love permeate all of your relationships
  • Your ability to discover unimaginable bliss within your own heart
  • How to awaken all of your spiritual centers and unlock your deeper potentials

If you feel called to free yourself from self-limitations so you can open to the greater expression of your soul, you’ll receive great value from this sacred hour with one of the wisest teachers of our day!

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P.S. During How to Connect Directly With the Divine, Andrew will help you discover key practices and insights to connect to the ecstatic, loving energies that created the universe.

Register now for free here

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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