A free video on “Living with Vulnerability”’ from Pema Chödrön at SoundsTrue


Underneath our bias and perspective in any moment is a wild, open expanse. Renowned meditation teacher Pema Chödrön has a unique gift for pointing this out, as you’ll see in this free video on this topic here

This mini-training featuring the great Buddhist teacher is an extraordinary look at what it truly means to create more openness in every day and why being open is the key to more happiness, peace, and friendliness with yourself and everyone around you.

It is my honor to share this with you at a time when it is so imperative that we learn to see ourselves and each other in our full humanness, without prejudice and with a warm and open heart.

With gratitude,

Paul  at  ChangeThatMind.com

P.S. What do openness and tripping over your own feet have in common? Watch the video and Pema will show you the practice of living with vulnerability.

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