The Millionaire Mind Wealth Package from Kevin Hogan

Get the Millionnaire Mind - Accumulate Wealth - by Kevin Hogan

Save big with this program! 14 CDs, 2DVDs, Plus gigantic Manual!

What will it really take to develop the mindset of a millionaire?

…What is stopping you from becoming one?

The Millionaire Mind will Cause YOU to Reach the Million Dollar Mark!

The Millionaire Mind Home Study Program is the comprehensive start you need to transform thinking and take out the learning curve of decades!

“Thanks Kevin I attended The Millionaire Mind Intensive and billed more money in a few weeks than I sometimes accomplish in a year. Seems I thrive being around thrivers/alivers/happiness jivers.” Rob Kanzer,

Look what you get!

  • The Psychology of Wealth Accumulation: Vol. 1-6 (Over 6 hours!)
  • The Millionaire Mind Vol. 7-12 (Over 6 hours!)
  • Mental Imaging Technology: The Attraction Principle & Freedom Focus Vol. 13-14 (2+ hours)
  • HUGE Millionaire Mind Guide and Manual
  • PLUS 2 Bonus DVDs: The Abundant Mind & The Psychology of Wealth Accumulation

That’s 14 CDS, 2 DVDs and a Mega-manual on CD! Wow!

Get it here now!


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