Mindpower MP3 New Year Sale!

Because it is now 2017 and this year will be Super Mind Music’s 7th Birthday, all the albums at the Mind Power Mp3 site have now been reduced to just $14.95 $7

…and you can get up to 12 albums for free. Click the link below for full details:

Top 10 Buys

#1 Unforgettable Theta Trilogy – Our best selling album set – beautiful modern classical music with 3 different theta BWE versions including the Schumann Resonance – $19.95 $7

#2 Inner Knowing: Delta Wind – Our fastest ever selling album. Beautiful world flute mixed with Delta BWE for deep relaxation and to enhance your intuition – $14.95 $7

#3 Shamanic Spirit Volume 1 – 4 powerful Native American music albums – one with deep Theta shamanic journey BWE for relaxation and intuition – $77 $17

#4 Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica – Our 2nd best selling album ever – sublime acoustic guitar mixed with Delta BWE for deep relaxation, healing and pain relief – $14.95 $7

#5 Spiritual Journeys of the World – 3 stunning world music albums, Tibetan, Egyptian and Mediterranean plus the Tibetan music with BWE for clarity – $75 $17

#6 The Awakening: Mind Over Matter – Wonderful chakra music with 7 tracks, one for each chakra, mixed with BWE for healing and mind body unity – $14.95 $7

#7 The Deep Secret of Wealth – Enigma style new age/chillout music mixed with Millionaire Mindset affirmations for a wealth mindset – $14.95 $7

#8 Driven: Electronica Rock Mix – Melodic rock mixed with BWE for motivation and energy – $14.95 $7

#9 Hypnotica – Minimalistic zen music for deep meditation – $14.95 $7

#10 Heart’s Desire: Chakra Connector – Ambient music mixed with BWE for self healing. Comes with 3 versions. $14.95 $7

Click on the album names for free demos, more details and customer reviews.
Click the link below for full details of the sale:


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