Leading Edge of Pyschotherapy-Free from Sounds True

Sounds True  are just one day away from their first Psychotherapy Masterclass of the year on The Myth of Self-Regulation: How Our Inner Community Supports Us Every Day featuring Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, LMFT.

Register for both free Psychotherapy Masterclasses.

In this masterclass, we will be exploring:

  • How the circuitry of regulation develops across our lifespan
  • The intricate interactions between our mirror neurons and the resonance circuitry that foster internalization
  • The costs of self-regulation and the gifts of co-regulation
  • How our focus on co-regulation may change how we support our clients
So much of our healing and growth comes in the context of relationship. Understanding the nature of regulation and how it actually works is a wonderful gift we can offer our clients in support of their goals in life and in therapy.

Click here to join this special one-time masterclass.

See you in the training session.

Warm regards,

Sounds True

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