Nonviolent Communication: from Sounds True

Sounds True announce the opening of the definitive online course in Nonviolent Communication, presented by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. You can learn more about The Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course and enjoy a third teaching with Dr. Rosenberg here.

It is not enough to want to communicate more empathetically and compassionately. Nonviolent Communication is a skill. You can train in it and eventually become a master communicator—someone who intuitively knows how to meet each person and situation with a generous heart and a clear articulation of your feelings and needs.

In order to help people learn the skill of Nonviolent Communication, Sounds True partnered with Marshall Rosenberg to create the official Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course. This course is the only online training program that features the originator of the method teaching you the language of Nonviolent Communication in a step-by-step fashion.

Although Marshall passed away in 2015, this training program keeps his teachings alive for you to experience firsthand. At Sounds True, we feel privileged to make these life-changing teachings available for self-guided study and training. This complete curriculum brings you more than 10 hours of in-depth lessons, an online workbook to support your training, and special “NVC” pocket cards mailed directly to you. Discover more information about this life-changing course here.

Dr. Rosenberg developed this program over the span of four decades, in which he worked around the world to resolve conflict and create accord at every level of society. The teachings and the tools that he presents come from his days and nights meeting and speaking with people from every race, creed, and culture to overcome division and recognize our common humanity. That’s why we’re so confident in the power of The Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course to transform the way that you interact with others, wherever that may be.

Here’s a short overview of what you’ll learn in the nine-part course:

  • Our inherited “language of violence” and the development of a language of compassion
  • The practice of making clear requests
  • A new approach to situations where others are judging you or your actions
  • How Nonviolent Communication supports social change
  • Our shared power and responsibility to enrich one another’s lives
If you would like to learn more about the course, please have a look at this page.

We recommend that you register soon to take advantage of the limited time price of $197. (Registration is $297 after November 11, 2016.)

Thank you for your interest in the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.

Sounds True

P.S. Dr. Rosenberg has a way of teaching Nonviolent Communication with deep sympathy and encouragement. Find out more.

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