The Professional Starter Kit from Wild Divine

wilddivinenewstarterThe Professional Starter Kit

Offer your clients, students or yourself stress management and relaxation training by exploring Wild Divine’s award-winning programs. Wild Divine have  recently created the Professional Starter Kit to give everyone access to the best of Wild Divine’s meditation and mindfulness exercises that are used by thousands of clinics, schools and hospitals around the world to help clients reduce stress, increase focus and improve overall feelings of well-being.

Discover the benefits of guided meditation and biofeedback game events from your practice, office or home. Use the Grapher in Relaxing Rhythms to help understand the body’s physiological responses through a 15-step guided meditation program. Continue the training with Relaxing Rhythms 2, and track personalized coherence scores to see progress over time. Engage with over 20 unique biofeedback games, fun for youth of all ages – and adults too! The IomPE biofeedback sensor becomes your “joystick” as you interact with the captivating visuals and entertaining activities in these programs.

The Professional Starter Kit includes:

  • The IomPE Biofeedback Training Hardware
  • Relaxing Rhythms Personal Edition
  • Relaxing Rhythms 2
  • Games of the Wild Divine: The Classics
  • Games of the Wild Divine: Heartscapes

100% Mac (OSX 10.7 and above) and PC (Windows Vista and above) compatible

Best of all, you get all of this and save 40% off these items sold separately!

BONUS! For a limited time, the first 100 buyers will receive a FREE download of Audioscapes, a musical collection exclusively from Wild Divine valued at $49.95!

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