Getting your Wounds out of Your Way: FREE from the ShiftNetwork


Most of us hold ourselves back from FULLY living our highest purpose…

Have you thought about what might be holding YOU back?

If you could dissolve whatever that is for you… the fears… the resistance… the old wounds…. would you?

If your answer is “yes,” then you MUST join me Wednesday, September 14, at 5:30pm Pacific to discover a proven method for identifying what’s holding you back and helping you move beyond your earliest and deepest woundings.

Respected change agents Tim Kelley and Jeffrey Van Dyk will share these healing steps duringGetting Your Wounds Out of Your Way: How to Heal Your Deepest Patterns & Liberate Your Purpose.
You can register for this FREE virtual event, here 
Tim is a global change agent and internationally renowned expert on higher purpose. Tim’s methodology, True Purpose, has been featured internationally in magazines, newspapers and on television. He’s worked with top leaders and executive teams from companies such as Nabisco, ING, Oracle, Lexmark and AOL.

Jeffrey is an international speaker, strategist and guide working with leaders and founders who feel called to transition into their life’s legacy and make a meaningful, lasting impact on the world.

Together, Tim and Jeffrey have helped thousands of people break free of their deepest, most persistent mental and emotional patterns so they can step into their true purpose and greatest joy!

During this powerful hour with them you’ll:

  • Discover how to free yourself from the core patterns that hold you back
  • Understand the relationship between your wounds and your purpose
  • “Decode” the gifts of your wounds so you understand how they prepare you for your mission and purpose and actually help you succeed in life

You CAN move beyond your wounds and limiting patterns and finally step into your purpose — and experience more love and freedom…

It’s free to attend, but you’ll need to register here

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

P.S. Don’t miss your chance to discover Tim Kelley and Jeffrey Van Dyk’s simple process for moving beyond your earliest and deepest woundings so you can evolve into the very best version of yourself!

Please RSVP to reserve a space on this FREE call

A recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the live event.

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