Discover How to Write, Publish & Promote Your Book : Transformational Author Summit FREE from the ShiftNetwork

Do you have a book inside you? An important message to share with the world?
Your story has the power to transform lives…

However, writing a book is no small task! (Let alone publishing and promoting it!)

Whether you…

  • Dream of becoming an author, but are stuck in the process of actually getting your book written
  • Started writing, but aren’t sure how best to organize your material to convey your message in the most compelling way
  • Have “finished” your book, but wonder how to get your manuscript in the hands of an agent or publisher
  • Have taken the first step in publishing,but don’t know how to build recognition or promote it once it’s published
  • Are ready to build a business around your book and reach even more people who could benefit from your wisdom, but that seems even more daunting and brings up even more questions!

The experts at The Transformational Author Summit can help you successfully write, publish and promote YOUR book!
15+ visionary leaders from every aspect of publishing will guide you — from your first draft to making it onto the bestseller lists — as they share professional wisdom and personal experiences so you, too, can make your most meaningful contribution to the world.
Join  Lisa Nichols, Jan Phillips, Mark Matousek, Christine Kloser, Ryan Eliason, Linda Sivertsen,Marc Allen, Wendy Keller and many more!

During The Transformational Author Summit, you’ll hear from international bestselling authors, industry leaders and marketing experts who’ll share the keys to writing, publishing and promoting your transformational book — and common mistakes to avoid!

I hope you’ll participate in this unique online series presented by The Shift Network.

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Every book, like every author, also has a particular journey… and there are so many questions along the way!

They’ll share insider tips, common mistakes to avoid and insights to help support your book’s journey of transformation (and your own!).

You’ll be profoundly inspired by the experience and exercises revealed by all the speakers and our devotion to seeing you succeed — because they’ve seen firsthand the personal and planetary transformation that’s possible when a book like the one that’s inside you is available to the world!

It’s becoming clearer each day that this is a time when each of us is being called to “be the change” we so desperately need — and this most definitely includes YOU!

I hope you’ll participate in this unique online series presented by The Shift Network.

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Paul at  ChangeThatMind

P.S. During this unparalleled 3-day gathering, you’ll discover:

  • Your distinct message & how to make a difference
  • Ways to start (& finish!) writing your transformational book
  • Insider tips for growing your author platform
  • The best publishing option for your book
  • How to get noticed by literary agents & publishers
  • The path to creating long-term author success

Plus, you’ll receive key practices for addressing writer’s block, time management AND ways to move past whatever might be holding you back from birthing your story into the world.

RSVP here for The Transformational Author Summit — at no charge!

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