Shamanic Medicine of the Royal Hummingbird: from the ShiftNetwork


In Peruvian shamanism, the Royal Hummingbird has been used as a shamanic ally, symbolizing the bridge between heaven and earth, for thousands of years.

The spirit of the Royal Hummingbird helps you connect with sacred powers from celestial realms so you can experience greater lightness, love and freedom in your daily life.

On Wednesday, August 10, at 5:30pm, you can discover more about the spirit of the Royal Hummingbird and how to welcome her blessings into the depths of your being from internationally renowned Peruvian shaman don Oscar Miro-Quesada.

You can RSVP here for this FREE virtual event, Royal Hummingbird Medicine: Bridging Heaven & Earth With Shamanic Wisdom & Healing.

don Oscar is one of the world’s foremost teachers of Universal Shamanism. He will expertly guide you on a fascinating journey where you’ll discover:

  • The history of the Royal Hummingbird as a shamanic ally in pre-Incan and Incan cultures and why she is so revered
  • A simple practice for journeying to meet the spirit of the Royal Hummingbird
  • How the Royal Hummingbird can assist you in lifting the weight of human woundedness by embracing the cosmic principle of impermanence

You’ll also receive wisdom teachings that will help you harvest the “nectar” (gifts) of the Royal Hummingbird to sweeten your experiences in the seen and unseen realms!

It’s free to attend, but you’ll need to register here to receive access information

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

P.S. Here’s what people are saying about don Oscar:

don Oscar (Miro-Quesada) is a true master. His ability to attune the sacred wisdom of indigenous peoples with the rational scientific traditions of the modern world is urgently needed for the evolution of human consciousness on Earth. The breadth and depth of his knowledge as a universal shaman is unequaled, ranging through fields of reality from the Earth to the Star People. 

— Barbara Marx Hubbard, Renowned Teacher and Author

don Oscar’s authenticity, humanity, wisdom and knowledge are rare, perhaps unparalleled. The utility of what he teaches, its practicality, scope, breadth and depth extend to the essence of an individual, as well as to the reaches of ethereal realms. As mentioned, it is imminently practical for a World that needs Love and Evolving Human Consciousness. This is a true path of power, of service and of attainment, individualized for each person who accepts the responsibility of becoming.

— Steve GuettermannBozeman, Montana

CLICK HERE to RSVP for Royal Hummingbird Medicine: Bridging Heaven & Earth With Shamanic Wisdom & Healing.

Everyone who RSVPs will receive a downloadable replay of the event.

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