The 7 Pillars of Awakening: A Feminine Approach to Spiritual Liberation through Ego Relaxation: A FREE workshop from The Shift Network


Have your efforts to awaken spiritually left you feeling at odds with parts of your normal humanity and stuck in the “struggle?”

What if there was a more feminine approach to awakening that was kinder, more embracing of your humanity — and more effective?

If you want to stop battling with your ego and instead receive graceful divine support that will melt away your suffering, meet Miranda Macpherson.

Miranda offers an integrated, distinctly feminine approach to self-realization that reveals the radiant majesty and indescribable beauty at your core, as well as a path of awakening filled with the blessings of grace.

I’m excited to let you know that Miranda will be sharing more on Wednesday, June 1, at 5:30pm Pacific, during her free virtual event, The 7 Pillars of Awakening: A Feminine Approach to Spiritual Liberation through Ego Relaxation.

I hope you’ll join us. Miranda has an exquisite capacity for profound insight and a loving heart that will invite you to release aversions to any aspect of yourself and open to deeper dimensions of consciousness.

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During this session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Relax into realization, rather than chase after specific states
  • Feel the healing presence of unconditional love AS you
  • Why the impulse to chase after God takes you out of the receptive state, blocking your availability to boundless dimensions
  • How to experience grace through difficult life passages that may be the opposite of what you want at the time
  • Apply key pillars for awakening that allow you to begin functioning in the living stream of boundless love, wisdom and guidance

Please don’t miss this opportunity to hear Miranda share her teachings, which are rooted in two decades’ worth of direct experiences and inspired by extensive study of the world’s mystical traditions.

She’ll reveal her secrets for softening your ego’s control structures, relaxing into a larger field of grace and experiencing the healing presence of your true nature.

It’s FREE to attend and you’ll receive a recording later if you can’t listen live

Paul at  ChangeThatMind

PS – During The 7 Pillars of Awakening: A Feminine Approach to Spiritual Liberation through Ego Relaxation, Miranda Macpherson will illuminate practices that let you finally relax into your essential nature and drink from the well of grace at the core of your being. Again, this  event is free. Simply RSVP here:

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