The Neuroscience Training Summit: Sounds True

Neuroscience Training Summit




How to Change Your Brain for Better Relationships, Accelerated Learning,
and Increased Happiness

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May 10–May 19, 2016

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The Neuroscience Training Summit is your chance to learn directly from 20 of the world’s leading experts about their groundbreaking discoveries and, most importantly, how you can start to apply this wisdom in your life today.

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Here are some of the presenters:

  • Daniel J. Siegel, MD, internationally acclaimed author of The Mindful Brain
  • Andrew Newberg, MD, pioneer in the neurological study of religious and spiritual experiences
  • Diane Poole Heller, PhD, expert in the field of Adult Attachment Theory and Models, trauma resolution, and integrative healing techniques
  • Dee Coulter, EdD, neuroscience educator and author of Original Mind
  • Kristin Neff, PhD, author and leading voice on the power of self-compassion
  • Louis Cozolino, PhD, psychology professor and author of The Neuroscience of Human Relationships
  • Kelly McGonigal, PhD, health psychologist and Stanford lecturer
  • Rick Hanson, PhD, psychologist and New York Times bestselling author of Buddha’s Brain
  • Janina Fisher, PhD, psychotherapist and expert in healing trauma
  • Stan Tatkin, PsyD, clinician, researcher, and developer of A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT)

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