Spring Forest Healingfest is coming 20th June! Join for FREE today.


Announcing: Chunyi Lin’s
Spring Forest Healingfest
A free online event

Erase pain, stress, and sickness from your body
Spring Forest Healingfest - Click Here to Sign Up Today for FREE
I love Fridays at the local wine shop, because they have samples of different wines. Since wine isn’t cheap, it’s nice to know that what I’m getting is to my liking.
Beginning on June 20 you can try out the audios and videos of a popular self-study course without having to buy it.
The course teaches an ancient Chinese “practice” that can take away stress, pain, and sickness from your body at amazing speeds…leaving you with more energy.
The course is called Spring Forest Qigong, and you can listen and watch for free.
If you have curiosity about how you can use your mind to help heal your body, you can either plop down $145 to get the course or you can listen to it for free to see if it is to your liking.
Get your free pass here:
Spring Forest Healingfest - Click Here to Sign Up Today for FREE
If you don’t have any symptoms that need healing, but you would like more peace and serenity or joy and happiness, the course is absolutely worth checking out for those reasons alone.
This try-before-you-buy event is called the Spring Forest Healingfest. I strongly encourage you to get your Free Pass today, and plan on listening to the first “CD” online on Monday, June 20.


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