Hay House World Summit 2016- buy it here!

This year’s Hay House World Summit was their best year yet with over 525,000 people listening in from all over the globe. I know you’ll love continuing your learning journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Hay House loves to support you through your positive transformations – that’s why they offer these amazing World Summit Packages – with you in mind! When you revisit lessons, you actually create new patterns in your brain and this is where real change happens! Even if you missed the event, you still have a chance to experience it through the Hay House World Summit packages. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to own the entire summit and these powerful bonuses! Buy now

Last Chance to Buy World Summit Packages – Offer Expires June 1, 11:59 PM ET!
The Hay House World Summit Packages have all you need to heal, prosper and thrive – all in one place to access anytime you need!
100 Digital Audio Lessons with Immediate Access Direct to Your Computer or Device.
 100 Digital Audio Lessons  100 PDF Transcripts  Accompanying PDF Worksheets  Hay House World Summit Welcome Kit
Price: $197   Buy now
100 CDs of Audio Lessons in a Nice Portable Album with Worksheets, Transcripts and Bonus Gifts.
Everything in the Digital package, PLUS:
 CD Album with 100 Audio Lessons on Disc  Free Shipping
Price: $397 Buy now.
YOU’LL ALSO RECEIVE THESE FREE GIFTS with PURCHASE ($229 in Extra Value!) Bonus #1: Hay House Wisdom Community 1-Year Platinum Membership ($79 Value)
As a Wisdom Community Platinum Member you join our Elite learning program with our premium benefits including:  Monthly Free Online Course  40% off all purchases on HayHouse.com  Free Shipping all year long!  Access to over 3,000 Audio Lessons from HayHouseRadio.com  Plus much more! Bonus #2: Connect with Your Angels Online Course ($50 Value) Angels can help us in a wide variety of ways and this course will enable you get to know your angels at a soul level, open up your spiritual practice and feel a much deeper connection. You don’t have to have any special gifts to be able to work with the angels – you just need to learn how to uncover the connection that’s already inside you. Angel expert Kyle Gray will show you how you can achieve this through meditating, tuning in and opening up your spiritual energy centers. During this six-lesson online course, you will learn:  About the different types of angels and how they each work  How to talk to the angels and listen to their responses  Prayers, meditations and affirmations that will help you with different needs  How to open up your spiritual centers for a deeper connection  Ways to send healing to loved ones and those in need  How to interpret signs from the angels  Techniques to raise your vibration and activate spiritual protection  How to give an angel card reading
Bonus #3: Lucid Dreaming Online Course ($50 Value)
Lucid dreams have transformed aspects of so many people’s lives – why not learn how to make the most of all that time you spend sleeping? Throw open the doors of perception and wake up to your true potential! Becoming conscious in your dreams can absolutely transform your waking reality in ways you may not have thought possible. During the six-lesson course, you’ll learn:  How to remember your dreams when you wake up  How to recognize the landscape of your dreams  How to identify when you’re dreaming  How to slip effortlessly into the lucid dream state  How to choreograph your dream experience  How to write a dream plan to bring growth and healing to your life
Bonus #4: Introduction to Crystals Online Course ($50 Value)
Crystals have been revered for thousands of years as amazing tools that can offer you physical and emotional healing, help you to manifest your desires, offer you answers to your questions, and support you to follow your calling.
Judy will take you through the crystals she uses herself on a daily basis, and guide you on how to work with them to protect your energy and manifest the changes you desire. From designing crystal grids to creating amazing potions, this is a masterclass in working with crystals. During this seven-lesson online course, you will learn:  The history of crystals  How to choose your crystals  Tools for cleansing, programming and grounding  How to create beautiful crystal layouts  How to make powerful crystal essences  How to use crystals for space clearing and protection  Techniques for emotional and mental healing  Access a higher consciousness Buy now


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