Complete Chakra Opening Collection: 50% off from Guided Mind (time limited)

Complete Chakra Opening Collection

Guided Mind’s  complete collection of 7 chakra opening and balancing albums – experience balance and harmony between your body, mind, energy and spirit when you balance your chakras with help from this guided meditation

  • Do you struggle with energetic imbalances or problems?
  • Or do you suffer from, create or heighten physical problems due to un-coordination / imbalances from the mind to the body?
  • Do you want to open up your own energy within, while tapping into the universal consciousness?
  • Do you want to activate and open your chakras and gain the keys to your emotional, mental and physical state, in order to achieve balance and manifest a life of your choice?

This collection of chakra opening guided meditations will help you to activate, open and balance your chakras.

Your body, mind and spirit work together in harmony as one – so that you start living in the now, in full control of your mind (rather than it controlling you), and manifesting your ideal lifestyle from a place of deep core balance.

Life Without Chakras

Well actually life without chakras is impossible. We all have chakras, they are part of the body, or part of the energetic body and the etheric field that makes us up – we all have our 7 chakras just as we all have our heart and lungs, essential as part of our make up for life.

However, 99% of us go through life AS IF we have no chakras. That is to say that 99% of us go through life without ever aligning and balancing our chakras. Without ever tapping into the power of our chakras for balance and healing, without ever using them to go inside and really know ourselves, without ever manifesting and creating our lives starting from our chakras. Life like this is hollow, it is like walking around with blinkers on, only engaged in the physical right here right now in-front of our eyes. We forget our true story; that we are a part of the whole and that we are connected, part of everything around us and the whole universe.

Being isolated from our chakra is humankind’s biggest problem, it is certainly the source of all problems:

  • Mind Problems: With unbalanced or neglected chakras, your negative thoughts, self doubts and worries get out of control. We get too carried away with our physical life worries; about being bullied, accepted, about our boss, our deadlines etc. and we lose touch with who we really are. The unimportant becomes the focus and we lose ourselves, and without the chakras to regulate and balance the mind and body, these negative thoughts in turn create more negative thoughts, or even manifest as physical ailments.
  • Physical Problems: The same can happen the other way around. Because you are not connected to your higher self, you can neglect and punish your physical body – not exercising, smoking, drinking, eating junk and processed food and many other activities which are detrimental to the body and take you away from your core.
  • Negative Synergies: Your mental issues cause your physical problems, AND your physical problems feed back into your mental state and corrupt it even further (i.e. focus you on your immediate physical self rather than your true higher self), which again feeds back to create more physical problems.

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