The Smarter Way to Create Prosperity: Eldon Taylor, 65% price reduction!


Prosperity thinking does not mean just picturing yourself wealthy—asking for wealth, believing it will come to you, and then expecting the universe to simply deliver it. No, true Prosperity thinking is about maximizing all the amazing talents you were born with and then turbo-charging the process so you really can take your personal prosperity to a whole new level.

This is exactly why Eldon created his Your Personal Best: Prosperity Power library—our most complete profile for the highest achievers. This Prosperity Power collection consists of 28 powerful programs on 24 CDs. It is valued at over $780 and for years has been offered for $599. Many lives have been empowered by Your Personal Best: Prosperity Power and it is our best success/prosperity collection ever! Now, you can get this incredible collection at the incredibly low price of only $189.00*. Regardless of your goals, it is time to maximize your abilities and put yourself firmly on the path to success! This would also make the perfect gift for someone you care about. (Limit 3 per customer). Use Coupon Code: SmarterProsperity and click here to Get your copy of Your Personal Best: Prosperity Power Now!

Wishing you Love, Light and Laughter, always!

Ravinder Taylor

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