7 days of “Awakened Money” (FREE): Jo Vitale

What’s better than money?
Awakened money!
What’s better than wealth?
Spiritual wealth!
Because what is wealth if it isn’t merged with YOU?
What is money without your passions, your spirit, your mission, your meaning, your inspiration, your soulful path… TOGETHER?
It’s empty.  It’s a room full of miserable millionaires.
No thanks.

That’s why I am THRILLED to tell you about Dr. Joe Vitale’s newest wild adventure…
7 days of spiritual wealth… for you… now. And it won’t cost a dime or even a cent.
Dr. Joe says that one of the days during this Awakened Millionaire Challenge he’s releasing a video few have seen where he talks about the “8 laws of Awakened Money”
And knowing Joe, that’s going to be juicy…
Join the challenge here
Paul from ChangeThatMind
P.S. This opportunity closes on April 10th:

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