Transforming Aging Summit: Making Your Later Years, Your Best Years!

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The Transforming Aging Summit series, demonstrates that aging can also include vast possibilities for true fulfillment and growth in whatever circumstances you find yourself. The speakers lay out expansive possibilities for the gifts you can contribute to the world with the wisdom of the years on your side.

The presenters are not only experts in the field of conscious aging; they are also role models and mentors you can look to for inspiration and guidance for living more meaningful, joyful and purpose-filled lives in “early elderhood” or elderhood. They demonstrate that aging well is about so much more than improving your physical health, mental acuity and longevity (but you’ll gain invaluable knowledge on this, too!).

Elevating your spiritual and emotional wellbeing according to the stage of life you’re experiencing is essential.

These esteemed speakers share deep wisdom and practices that can help liberate you from unresolved “baggage” you may have accumulated from your past… which, of course, frees up huge amounts of energy and empowers you to live your purpose with more joie de vivre. In turn, you’ll also come to see that the more clarity you gain around your visions and goals for the future, the more passion you’ll experience on all levels.

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