The Total Wellness Summit – this is a FREE 10 day event!


Food Matters  is about to launch the Total Wellness Summit this is a FREE 10 day event, that is bringing together leading health experts from all over the world to share their top health tips.

Kickstarting on the 21st of March and running for a jam-packed 10 days, the Total Wellness summit will be showcasing premier health documentaries, as well as live interviews with the experts themselves.

Here’s a snapshot of this exciting event:

  • Day #1 ‘Detox & Weight Loss’ – Break free from sugar addictions and diet traps with Jon Gabriel.
  • Day #3, ‘Heal Your Gut’ – Learn key tips to having a healthy gut during this live Q&A with Dr Josh Axe.
  • Day #7, ‘The Truth About Cancer’ – Discover a whole new perspective on preventing this disease.
  • Day #9, ‘Controlling Sugar Cravings’ – Conquer your cravings and blood sugar swings with this live interview with Sarah Wilson from ‘I Quit Sugar’.

This event is completely online, open to absolutely everyone, 100% FREE and brimming with information and inspiration for fast tracking your path to total health!  I believe that many of my friends and family will value this information to kick-start their health, so I’ve created a way to align my 10-Day Cleanse with this Summit alongside the Summit.  That way, if you can’t attend my Cleanse, you can follow along with the Summit and get an opportunity to kick-start your health virtually.  I’ll be available if you want to connect with me!  Simply join the Food Matters webinar this week and contact me with any questions.

Wishing you “Mindful Nourishment!”  Linda Cox  

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