Quantum Dreaming and the Secrets of Time Travel: Robert Moss

Discover advanced shamanic dreaming techniques to journey into other realms and receive wisdom and gifts for your life. Access guidance and healing to manifest your dreams, revitalize your health and reclaim your natural psychic abilities. Register to receive the recording of this event held on March 16

During this compelling virtual event, you’ll learn simple and powerful techniques for embarking on lucid dream journeys and how to expand your awareness in everyday life by reading signs, symbols and synchronicities in the world around you.

Step by step, you’ll find yourself more and more at home in non-local mind, where everything you need to know is waiting for you ready to be received.

You’ll discover:

  • How to make your home in “non-local mind,” which provides the real key to time travel
  • How to enter your dreams as a portal to other dimensions and make quantum realities practical
  • How consciousness can project safely beyond the body, open gates between the worlds — and close them when necessary
  • How to engage healing in multiple dimensions and experience the survival of consciousness beyond death
  • Strategies to develop your natural psychic ability
  • Principles for creating the future from the Field: Entering the quantum level of reality to manifest from thought

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