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Money Mindset Collection

Acquire a natural money mindset to clear your money blockages, think MUCH more positively about money.. and create the life of abundance you know you deserve!

  • Do you want to get rid of all your limiting beliefs about money?
  • Do you want to bridge the gap between your mindset and the mindset of the rich and wealthy?
  • Do you somehow know that you have the potential to become wealthy?
  • Do you want to live a more fulfilled and happier life – a life of abundance?

If you said YES to any of the questions above, then our money manifestation meditations can help you!

Having abundance and wealth, getting rich, being a millionaire – it isn’t just luck – money is a mindset, some people have it and some don’t (yet).

But it really isn’t set in stone – because it is a mindset, YOU can change! You can acquire it and you can become a “natural” with acquiring and keeping money too.

And this is how this collection will help you – to do exactly this, through the power of deep, natural meditation and it’s ability to reach deep inside your mind, break your limiting beliefs and awaken you to new, positive ones – to help you to acquire a powerful money mindset and attract wealth and abundance like never before!Here’s How it Works – A Powerful DOUBLE Synergy to Create Wealth And Abundance

We need to make really clear that this is not just simple “relaxation meditation” – it’s aim is to take you deeper, to journey inside of yourself, to discover who you are and to get in touch with your higher consciousness to expand your money mindset

It is not just for those passively interested in meditation – but for those of you seeking to expand your mind and change their limiting beliefs surrounding money – to attract abundance and manifest money in a different and BIG way)

This collection works as a synergy effect – it is not just one album but 6 focused meditations which will target your mind uniquely with each different session to instill within you a powerful money mindset.

Save 50% Off The Complete Collection

Individually, these albums usually cost $95.76 (when taking the MP3 downloads individually), however, you can take the complete collection at a MASSIVE 50% SAVING.

Or,  GuidedMind  will discount all of the single session Money Mindset albums (which make up this collection) by a giant 30% saving. (just enter the coupon: MONEYSG1)

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