Free Law of Attraction Visualisation Videos: Abundant Mind

Free Law of Attraction Visualisation Videos: Abundant Mind 7 Free Law of Attraction Visualisation Videos: Abundant Mind
Like many of you, Ty Summers had struggled to use the Law of Attraction to get what he wanted in his life. He read every book, participated in every course and tried every visualization video that existed at the time, to try and make the law work for him.

You see, after trying and failing for so long with the Law of Attraction Ty took matters into his own hands to find out why the law wasn’t working for him.

What Ty discovered was that the majority of people who fail to use the Law of Attraction to get what they want, can’t properly visualize. Most people are simply told to “see” what they want in their head, “believe” they already have it, and “feel” the emotions associated with their desires in order to manifest what they want into the life. The simple fact of the matter is, like Ty, most people CAN’T effectively do this.

It wasn’t until he stumbled upon what he calls “the secret behind the secret” that his life, and his luck, finally changed.  He started combining scientifically proven mind programming techniques into a series of full motion videos to help him properly visualize. He discovered that FOUR primary mind programming techniques could literally force both his conscious and subconscious to not only effectively visualize, but create the vital emotional response to accompany the visualizations.
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The big “Ah Ha!” moment didn’t come until Ty started sharing these videos on his personal blog. It turned out that THOUSANDS of people hit the same road blocks he originally did, but the videos he had created were enabling them to effectively visualize and physically manifest what they wanted and deserved.

He knew he was onto something, and wanted to share it with the world. So he created a website called “Abundant Mind”, where anyone, from anywhere, on any internet connected device could stream any of his 42+ subliminal manifestation videos.

You see, what sets these visualization videos apart is that they use a combination of full motion, high resolution themed video, a meditative audio track to relax the viewer, subliminal messages to affect the subconscious, and binaural beats (a form of brainwave entrainment) to help solicit an emotional response. These four elements combined are found exclusively in Ty’s unique videos and can’t be found anywhere else.
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If you have struggled with using visualization techniques to get what you truly want in life then I urge you to head over to Abundant Mind right now. Ty’s massive collection of visualization videos won’t be available for long, so I really recommend you check them out today:

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To your success,
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