Transform Your Mind: FREE Summit on Creating Healthy Habits, Beliefs and Rituals

Mitch Asser in Australia has been pulling together one of the biggest Mind Transformation events of 2016 over the last few months.

Mitch is a Health & Wellness coach who loves nature. He has partnered with Rainforest Rescue to annually donate proceedings of his business, however he wanted to help raise awareness to the incredible work they are doing by creating a completely FREE Online Training Event that will help you Transform Your Mind.

The event is called the Transform YOUR Mind Summit.

And the speakers are going to show how to Create Healthy Habits, Beliefs & Rituals to get More Energy, Focus & Flow!

Here’s the best part: These guest speakers have never been together at one event before. And some of these speakers charge thousands of dollars to attend ONE of their live events.

But you can see all of them in one place for free — you don’t even have to leave your house.

Here are just a few of the speakers’ presentations:

  1. Marcie Peters – Ageing Backward
  2. Dr Isaac Jones – Designing High Performance Health Habits
  3. Marc David – Mind Body Nutrition
  4. Melissa Ambrosini – Designing Your Dream Life & Dream Team
  5. Niki Gratrix – Overcoming Childhood Emotional Trauma
  6. Katrina Love Senn – Believing Your Body Can Heal Itself
  7. Shannon Kaiser – Getting Unstuck & Finding Clarity
  8. Joe Martino – Embracing Change & Following Your Vision
  9. Jeffrey Slayter – Accessing a Higher Consciousness
  10. Calvin Coyles – 5 Steps To Ultimate Fulfilment
  11. Jonathan Bailor – Exercising Less, Eating More
  12. Dr Kellyann Petrucci – Brain Boosting Foods
  13. Juliet Lever – Healthy Relationships & Designing An Extraordinary Life
  14. Jo Rushton -Overcoming Anxiety & Depression
  15. Gregg Swanson – The Complacent Zone & Fitness Goals
  16. JP Sears – Adding More Meaning To Life

During this event you will learn:

– How to effectively use emotional journalling to overcome negative emotions
– How to live your life at cause with complete control of your mind
– The real definition of FEAR & how to use it to your benefit
– Why saying NO is powerful and how it results in Optimal Health
– The unbelievable outcome moving into your heart-space has on your well-being
– Using the power of tapping into your unconscious mind  for easy breakthrough
– Simple daily rituals & habits you can implement immediately
– Methods on improving your relationship with yourself and others
– and so much more…

Mitch has dedicated his life to understanding the patterns that keep showing up in those who continue to self-sabotage their optimal health and what it takes to make long lasting change.

You may have seen many online summits in the past, but most of them do not address the most important aspect, your mind! This summit is dedicated entirely to Transforming YOUR Mind so that you have complete control over any outcome in life to virtually guarantee you can handle anything to achieve optimal health & vitality.

Mitch is raising awareness for Rainforest Rescue during this event. Rainforest Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation that has been preserving and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally since 1998 with the vision to Protect Rainforests Forever.

So hurry and get your ticket now and help us Raise Some Awareness for this incredible cause (takes 10 seconds).

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