Percussive Suggestion Technique: Healthy New Year Offer!

Embracing Change and Better Health in the New Year!

new-years-resolutionIt is traditional in the New Year to set new goals for health.  And, for many, new weight goals are desired along with those healthy resolutions.

Guess what the greatest barrier to creating healthier habits will be for you this year … as it is every year?

Your Mind!

Actually, it’s not your mind that is the issue, but how your mind is utilized … how it is “programmed” for failure.

And, what gets in the way of us shifting into a mindset of success?

Fear of Change!

PSTEC is here to help you program your mind for success when it comes to …

  • Embracing Change … dealing with unwanted changes and making positive changes,
  • Discovering and manifesting your ideal weight,
  • Incorporating a practice of safe and healthy fasting,
  • Avoiding the junk foods that keep you on the merry-go-round of never realizing your potential for excellent health and well being.

Not only will the following PSTEC Tools help you, but we are giving you a free gift and some excellent discounts that will make them hard for you to resist.

First, a free resource from Tim Phiazackerley, PSTEC Founder and Creator …

checkmarkEmbracing Change Special Audio Package – Free!
Embracing Change includes two parts; Dealing with Unwanted Change – Handling Change without Fear … and … Making a Positive Change. Each part includes an introduction and a unique hypnotic track to help shift your mindset to one that embraces change and all the opportunities that await you!

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Take advantage now … it’s up to you!

checkmarkPSTEC Weight Loss Power Upgrade Audio Package – v2 – 25% Off
By all means make the effort to lose weight and also to eat sensibly as you use this program but at the same time allow the PSTEC tools to create subconscious change so it works with you and not against you.

checkmarkEnd Food Addictions with PSTEC – 25% Off
Food compulsions are far from trivial and people suffer serious health problems because of them.Almost a year in the making, these tracks are designed to end such compulsions in just a few minutes. If you have a food compulsion, or you think you do, then you need to regain control now. These tracks are designed to make it easy for you.


PSTEC for Fasting – 25% Off
Alternate day fasting is becoming the health phenomenon of the decade. Scientific studies indicate that by doing short regular fasts you may have much better health and a far longer life span. But how do you stop old habits and also hunger from defeating you? With PSTEC of course!

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The discount coupon will expire 2/4/2016

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